Love My NICU

Improve Your Odds of Winning.

Ask your people to ask their people

The power of exponential growth.

You know people.  The people you know also know people.  Ask your contacts to nominate your favorite NICU and to refer their contacts to do the same.  Fellow employees, friends, family, physicians and NICU parents - we are sure they would be happy to help your favorite NICU!!!

Download this one-page flyer to share with your friends and staff. 

2nd Annual LoveMyNICU Flyer (PDF)

See below for more ideas for spreading the word.


Ask your Facebook friends to register

Ask your Facebook friends to nominate your hospital AND to share your request with their friends.

Like "New Parent Education" on FB

"Like" our page on Facebook and help spread the word.


Email Personal & Professional Contacts

Email your contact list and ask them to forward your request to others.

Text Your Friends

Text your friends a link to this site and ask them to help you win.