Love My NICU

Win up to $10,000 of interactive Parent Education Programs for your favorite NICU. 

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National Caregivers Library

We are glad we can help.

One of the most stressful things a family can face is “family caregiving.”  

Whether dealing with an aging parent , their own spouse, a sibling, a child or a grandchild – the stress is enormous and families usually do not have an organized means of understanding and preparing for the relentless process that can easily consume large portions of their lives, finances and psyche.


What we do.

Caregivers are often unprepared for their role and don’t know how to manage the process or evaluate resources available to them.  It’s not just that they don’t know the answers; they don’t know the questions!

That is where we come in.  As one of the leading national resources for family caregivers, we provide free information to help families understand their situations and address the issues they face.  Feel free to use our information resources at Caregivers Library to help your family.


Why we are supporting "Love My NICU"

The sheer enormity of the "age wave" has forced the media to focus attention on the "eldercare phenomenon."  Yet, little attention is given to caregivers at the other end of the age spectrum - those dealing with a child - or grandchild - in neonatal intensive care. 

We want to bring more attention to the need for educating new parents and their families, particularly when they are dealing with a seriously ill infant. That is why we partnered with MetaMD, a leading provider of hospital based education for new parents.